• Our Philosophy

    We believe that wellness should be
    accessible nourishment for your mind, body, and soul. We encourage every human
    to live well by reclaiming their sovereignty and connection with the Earth.


    We offer what’s good…literally. This
    includes a variety of different lifestyle products, guidance, and experiences
    that are intended to enrich your well-being physically, mentally, and


    We believe in the free flow of
    energy between people out of love and gratitude. We hope that you take our
    message of love into your heart and spread it around in your own life so that
    we can build a new world together.

  • About Us

    Whatsgood World is a representation
    of our hopes and dreams for the new world to come. We recognize that our
    current society is centered around rigid labels and fixed-mindsets. This
    inherently limits an individual’s ability to think and choose for themselves.
    Our brand aims to open the door to free expression by assisting individuals
    with accessing the greatest gift, which is tapping into the vibration of love.

    In our current state, the products
    that work best are often overpriced with questionable and misleading ingredients.
    We intend to transcend capitalistic greed through the spread of love for each
    other and oneself. Our offerings are intended to provide access to affordable,
    healthy, and chemical free products that will support you on your journey to sovereign

    We plan to leave a seed with you
    that will form a new path, a new world, a renewed hope for tomorrow. 


Chakras and Affirmations

Your physical body is a complex biological system that is scaffolded by an intricate living blueprint of electromagnetic energy. A major layer of this blueprint encompasses your chakras which are nodal points for some of the major energetic pathways that constitute your physical experience. When these nodal points become unbalanced or blocked, we experience dis-ease in our physical body that can present mentally and physically. The way that we can manage the flow of our bodily energy is through directing our consciousness which requires us to have control over our thoughts, intentions, emotions, and breath.
To support you on your journey to reclaiming control over yourself and your physical experiance, our personal care products are all linked with a chakra and suggested affirmation for you to repeat as you exercise your own self care routine. We intend for you to use the affirmations as a tool to channel your consciousness into positive self-love.



Shane represents the imperfect leader. He is passionate about challenging, inspiring, and empowering others to be their authentic selves. He is a creative that alchemizes his template of success. He believes in the power of vulnerability and strives to redefine the essence of masculinity. Conversations with Shane more than often end up being deep and introspective. Shane is currently on his path to becoming a Psychotherapist. Healing for Shane involves his deep connection to music, food, meditation, writing, helping others, and community. Shane's mantra is to focus on what makes you happy that no one can take away from you! Join Shane and the Whats Good Tribe on their journey to change the world.


Mara comes from a full background of creativity. As a Holistic Wellness Coach, she serves her clients by guiding them to live more heart centered lives through Reiki, Dance, Holistic Hairdressing and more!
From a young age, she was encouraged to recognize, feed and integrate her gifts through her environment. She prioritizes mindfulness and spiritual growth, practicing through different modalities on a daily basis. Her mission is to be a vessel of love, peace and safety for everyone that she meets. Whether it be with coaching or simply through conversation, she is in service to the collective by encouraging you to reach your highest potential. Keep in touch to see what Mara and The Whats Good Tribe have to offer.


A man with many names but you can call him J. He is a reflection of me and you. A creator sent to learn patience as his creations come to fruition. Incarnated to help others along their path, if he can give a hand, he will. Bound into the burden of knowing with the pain of growing. J is a fractal of the flower of life, a grain of sand in the ocean of consciousness


Driven by curiosity, and a deep desire to learn, Lanie is a lifetime student of many topics and a Cognitive Neuroscientist in training. She hopes to bring goodness and knowledge to the world that is free from hoops and barriers. She has a deep belief that every person deserves to live well, and has a right to higher knowing so long as they choose. She strives to push her own self growth and development, and hopes to encourage others to do the same. She looks for connections everywhere because she believes that everything is connected. Judgement is simply the lack of understanding, as love is the fundamental mechanism of the universe.